Winter has arrived..

by PrincessPhoenix ~ January 13th, 2017.

Edit: The event is ending on 0:00:00 server time at the start of 28 Jan. 2017. The event may not be fully taken down until some time later so you might be able to still retrieve some things, but be aware that the set ending time is at the end of Jan 27.

After some setbacks and a long period of waiting (most of it covered by the return of the previous rollback events), the winter-themed event is now up and ready to go!

There’s a special treat in store for all of you: the storyline plans and the maps you will explore was made by the one and only Mewticuno mod, Aerobous! What’s lies in wait for you all? I am not going to spoil it on this blog post; that’s something for you to discover on your own!

To start the event, a man and his Stantler has appeared on the Grassy Patch, with a request for assistance that only you can fulfill:

Blog- Guy and Stantler
In addition, the Snow Guy, Snow Gal and Female Eevee suit avatars have been made available for the duration of the event.

This event will last for 2 weeks, ending on January 27, 2017. Have fun and best of luck!



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