Update: Game is live again

by admin ~ December 14th, 2016.

Dear Community of PL,

First of all – sorry for the delays. As most of you know, our servers went down on 1st December 2016; we’ve been working to fix a dead hard drive with our hosting provider as quickly as possible to restore the game and thank you for your patience.

We can confirm a reset of the game has occurred, by this we mean a reset of some user data, we’ve only managed to restore a backup from May 13th, 2016. For players that have lost their accounts who happen to be premium, we will be able to restore premium status and re-award all tokens items if you create a new account with the same email address as your old account, if you don’t it will be difficult to restore. Friend donations can’t be restored either unfortunately. For any other players who lost their account, we really do apologise. As a compensation, we will be giving Premium benefits to all users till 23rd December. 

This is all pretty terrible but it’s apart of the reason why the game is still in BETA. We are aware of the issues and Sharks is back on board working to resolve known bugs, we do apologise to all the community, but unfortunately the database corrupted and this is very hard, if not impossible to retrieve. In future, backups will be kept in a sacred, impenetrable fortress so they can be restored by demand.

For some FAQ, please check this forum topic.


Thanks for all your support.



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