The Winter Event is now Over

by PrincessPhoenix ~ January 5th, 2021.

Thank you everyone who participated in it! As you may have noticed, there was an officially listed quest included in this event, so for those of you who have started the event but didn’t finish the storyline, you can still complete the storyline and get that quest counted! However all of the event-exclusive wild Pokemon and end-event goodie NPCs have been removed so it is only the event storyline leading up to the Home of the Event Keeper that will still be available.

In addition, there is now a small epilogue to the event storyline that is now available! This was a chapter of the main event storyline that was originally cut due to time constraints, but over the winter break it was added to the game. There are no new Pokemon available during this epilogue and it is simply a story to tell, but if you wanted to find out what the Egg of Summer was supposed to do, then feel free to play through it! It is 100% optional and you can start this last chapter by looking for a shadow triad figure in the police station. (If you were recently in the police station at the time this entry was posted, please allow 20 minutes for the game to update NPC placements).



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