The Gift of Luvdisc!

by PrincessPhoenix ~ February 13th, 2019.

Valentines day is not one celebrated or liked by many, but we here at PL would like to take the opportunity to do something with the color pink, so for a limited time, you can claim a free Luvdisc!*


Yep, that’s all. This promotion will last for 2 weeks, ending on February 27, 2019. Have fun!

*As with most things, there’s terms and conditions that apply, hehe. To qualify for the free Luvdisc there is some community assistance acquired. An NPC at Darlinghurst Town that is in need of volunteers for their Pokemon conservation program that has become disorganized and in financial strain. There will be a lot of Pokemon and island-traveling involved, and maybe you will even be the person who can settle a romantic dispute once and for all!

And as usual, please allow approximately 20 minutes for the NPC cache to update.



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