The Fabled Dorocoast Town! As well as updates and fixes!

by PrincessPhoenix ~ May 11th, 2015.

Hi everyone! There have been a lot of updates in the works, the first of which is news you have all been waiting for: The routes up to Dorocoast Town are now open, and with that you can now get the 4th badge!

At long last!

At long last!

But that’s not all that was added to the maps this time!

Fossil Revival
You can now revive all currently released fossils by heading to the Fossil Lab that is located in the middle of Route 11. All that is required to revive a fossil is the fossil item itself and a DNA Serum which can be purchased from the Dorocoast and Sandmarsh Pokemarts.

The Old Dorocoast Zoo Safari
To the east of the Fossil Lab is a zoo safari which you can enter for a small fee- or no fee at all if you decide to purchase a lifetime membership with coins. What is a zoo safari? It is half a zoo and half a safari! You can both catch wild Pokemon, or look at, feed and train against various non-wild Pokemon that roam the park. Be careful when you feed them though, they will want to have a play battle with you.
Pidgeot Fly System
An in-game warp system has been constantly requested by you all, so now after you complete the necessary storyline parts in Dorocoast Town you will be able to quick-travel to any town or city that you previously unlocked/visited. Once this Pidgeot warp is unlocked, a Pidgeot will appear near the Pokcenter of the towns and cities, and to warp simply talk to it and choose a destination. Warping is also completely free!

This still isn’t all! There have been other great bug fixes and additions!

  • Pokemon obtained through trades, breeding or the token shop are now properly registered as an entry in the Pokedex! Now you can properly become a Pokemon master. Go catch them all!
  • We now have Chat Moderators to help keep the in game chat sane and orderly! These Chat Moderators will have a dark green text when they type:
Here is Vamp, one of our new Chat Moderators!

Here is Vamp, one of our new Chat Moderators!

  • We now also have a mapper team who will help construct maps for Pokemon Legends. Currently they do not have any distinguishing chat colors but they have a unique group on the forums, so you can find them there if you have any questions!
  • There have been several minor visual map fixes, and the Add Friend button on the profile pages now work when you press them.
  • There is now an Effort Value reducing item that can be obtained from defeating certain wild Pokemon! These items are helpful when you accidentally placed a few EV points in the wrong stat area and want to clear them. Once you obtain an EV reducing item you can use them by going to your Pokemon’s stat page, pressing the Use Item button, selecting the EV Reducer, then choosing which EV stat to modify.
  • For those who have been wanting to gift your friend donations, now you can! When you go to the donate page you can now choose whether to donate to yourself, or donate to someone on your friends list.
  • We have also fixed the Experience Bar on Pokemon page. It now shows the proper experience required to level up.
  • And last but not least, the developers are taking efforts to improve the speed of the game.
  • Thank you for playing and we hope you enjoy these updates!



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