The distant Sea Fairy Island

by PrincessPhoenix ~ October 16th, 2015.

Hi everyone, are you in the mood for some exploring?

A girl named Lianna has landed on the Dorocoast Dock in need of some medical assistance. If you can provide it for her, she will invite you back to her home that is Sea Fairy Island where you could view a piece of treasure that was put on display before it is offered to the island guardian.

People here sure love Wingull.

People here sure love Wingull.

The treasure itself is nothing special since it is firmly secured in an item ball, but your visitation will trigger a series of events that will lead you to have a chance at seeing (and even possibly befriending) the island guardian itself.

If this sounds suspiciously like the plot line to an event, your instincts are pointing in the right direction: this area was originally developed as a week-long event, but after some consideration it was decided to add this map as a permanent addition for people to enjoy at their leisure.

Since the trigger NPC for this area is in Dorocoast, in order to access it yourself you would need to visit Dorocoast. Does this island have any new Pokemon to acquire? Go check for yourself, hehe.

Have fun everyone!



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