The Chat Server is Currently Down

by PrincessPhoenix ~ February 26th, 2019.

The chat server has been experiencing problems for the past 7 hours, and all new connections to the chat server will be marked as “offline”. The developers were notified early in the downtime and they will be investigating.

During a chat server downtime the following activities will not function properly/at all in game:
-Seeing other players online on the map
-Daycare leveling up
-Creation and hatching of eggs from the daycare (if you already had an egg waiting in the daycare you would be able to retrieve it, but no further eggs would be generated until the chat server reconnects)

You can still do all activities that are on the game server, such as catch and raise Pokemon, hunt shinies, use the trades and auctions page, level up Pokemon, battle NPCs, do events and quests etc.

We will update whenever there is more information available (most likely on the forums first, depending on time of day)!



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