The Backstory has Begun..

by PrincessPhoenix ~ March 7th, 2015.

Hi everyone, we have been developing the storyline for PL over the weeks and the early chapters of it have been released in game!

00001233For those of you who have had accounts prior to this update, you can now go back to Bluegum Town and visit your parents, who have a home near the Pokemon Center. If you just started then go visit your parents, right now!

You now also have an in-game rival neighbor and his companion Audino, who will occasionally appear and give you help or trouble! It is inevitable that you will miss some of his appearances during quests if you already completed them, so for that reason he does not do anything dramatic in previously released quests. You will still be able to battle him as you find him around towns and cities.

Grunts on R7 Bridge
A few new maps have been added as well; you can reach them by going through the gatehouse that is on the east side of the Eastbourne Gardens (no new towns yet).

If you are feeling crazy, you can challenge the new Level One Master who idles about in the Bluegum Tournament house! This person is exactly as his name implies- he has a team of 6 level one Pokemon. When you talk to him he will challenge you to a battle using a team of a random type element, so defeating him with a low level Pokemon may be easy or it may be hard, depending on what you are going up against.

Last but not least, an update that would be pleasing to map-hunters: Psuedo-legendary Pokemon are no longer able to breed, so now if you want tons of them you have to go look on the map!

Have fun!


Eeek, a maze!



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