Some Updates

by PrincessPhoenix ~ May 2nd, 2020.

Sorry no sign of developer fixes yet, it’s just me again.

Since the Easter event ended the redeem NPCs were left there so people can get rid of their remaining Coloured Eggs. That will be taken down today. The egg avatar that was available during the event had also ended, and so the only way to keep the egg would be to not change your avatar (event avatars remain this way until there’s a system to keep event avatars to only people who were active during the event).

We had some avatars updated to the game for future use (thank you to Sharks12 for helping with that!) and so if your avatars look funny please clear your cache.

The maps Grassy Patch through Route 2 also had a cosmetic update, so if something appears incorrect on your end such as treetops in the wrong area or you keep ending up in Bluegum Town again please refresh or reset position and that issue would be resolved. The main point of the map update was because I wanted a trainer school added to Bluegum that will provide some early game quests as well as have a better learning system than the guy at the grassy patch asking if you want to learn how to play the game. (That guy will still be around though).

(The trainer school is not open yet. I have yet to set it up.)



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