Some features and an Event!

by sharks12 ~ April 18th, 2015.

Hello everyone! We have received a lot of feedback and we’re glad that you guys enjoyed the last event. So we’re now back with a features and an event.

  • Releasing Pokemon – You can release your Pokemon, this means that they will be permanently deleted, so be careful! Release
  • Natures – We have implemented Natures and they are now calculated in battles!
  • New Avatars – We have added some avatars for users to choose, you can now be a Ninja too!
  • We have added some more Sprites for Pokemon which were missing!

So let’s get back to the event.

We have released an Event now. It’s somewhere in the maps released so far and when you find the spot, you’ll be transported somewhere to find a limited edition Pokemon.  We’ll be doing this in batches, so once the current batch of this Pokemon runs over, we’ll reset and start the event later so users at different time zones can participate. Good luck!



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