Results of the hunt for Wild Roses

by PrincessPhoenix ~ February 28th, 2017.

The Valentines event maps came to an end yesterday, and now is time to wrap up the last piece of the Broken Hearts Day festivities: the collection of the Wild Roses!

To those who are wondering what I am referring to, near the bottom of the Valentines Event entry is a mention about a drop item called a Wild Rose. This rose had no purpose in the event itself, but there would be prizes given to the top 5 people who collected the most Wild Roses.

The top five Wild Rose collectors are:
1. PURUMKA with 2771 Wild Roses
2. RobocopHD with 2751 Wild Roses
3. Lilypond with 2362 Wild Roses
4. Mazinyassin with 1989 Wild Roses
5. Dylanpisani10 with 1450 Wild Roses

For your efforts the prizes are:
1st place: 500,000 in game coins
2nd place: 400,000 in game coins
3rd place: 300,000 in game coins
4th place: 200,000 in game coins
5th place: 100,000 in game coins

Congratulations to the top collectors; your prizes will be deposited within 24 hours!

There is an NPC sitting in the Fortune Teller Room in Bluegum Town (the same Fortune Teller Room that started off the Valentines Event) that will remove the Wild Roses from your inventory if you don’t want them there anymore. There’s no other use for this item so it is safe to discard.

note: please allow up to 30 minutes for the Wild Rose collection NPC to update/appear on your end.

Thank you for participating!



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