Power Points

by sharks12 ~ November 30th, 2015.

Hello everyone. Hope you had a good weekend. Today is the day we (try to) stop battles being a Smash-the-keys contest and make them more competitive, by making you think (hopefully).

  • Power Points. One of the most important and basic part of a Battle is now here.
    Power Points
  • Moves that can cause Secondary effects are now added. The moves that cause this are:
    Leer, Acid, Bubble Beam, Aurora Beam, Psychic, Constrict, Bubble, Mud-Slap, Octazooka, Icy Wind, Steel Wing, Iron Tail, Metal Claw, Crunch, Ancient Power, Shadow Ball, Rock Smash, Superpower, Luster Purge, Mist Ball, Crush Claw, Meteor Mash, Overheat, Rock Tomb, Silver Wind, Muddy Water, Mud Shot, Psycho Boost, Hammer Arm, Close Combat, Bug Buzz, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, Earth Power, Mud Bomb, Mirror Shot, Flash Cannon, Draco Meteor, Leaf Storm, Charge Beam, Seed Flare, Ominous Wind, Flame Charge, Low Sweep, Acid Spray, Struggle Bug, Bulldoze, Electroweb, Razor Shell, Leaf Tornado, Night Daze, Glaciate, Fiery Dance, Snarl, V-create, Rototiller, Noble Roar, Parting Shot, Flower Shield, Play Rough, Moonblast, Play Nice, Confide, Diamond Storm, Mystical Fire, Venom Drench and Power-Up Punch.
  • Some abilities that can cause effect through Contact have been added. More being added as of now.

Items that affect Power Points are being worked on.


Hope you have a good day.



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