Pokemon Legends – Updates!

by sharks12 ~ January 25th, 2015.

Hello everyone! Pokemon Legends has been in open beta for a while now, we have had time to work on the feedback that our users have provided. We almost have 4,000 users now – a massive thank you to all!


So far, we have managed to make the connection a lot more stable – meaning fewer crashes (which we will get rid of!) and also have added new Maps over the last week. So, have you managed to get a Dratini yet? No? Hurry up!

The update lists out the following changes:

  • Search page lists out User’s team.
  • Friends page has been fixed to work properly.
  • Profile page works (almost!). You can see your Friends statuses and yours!
  • A new My Pokedex which shows you how much of the dex you have completed!My Pokedex!
  • Pokedex search and Pokemon information have been updated!Pokedex
  • Leaderboard has been included, now you can see who among you are the top Trainers in game!

    Most Unique Pokemon caught!

    Most Unique Pokemon caught!

  • Mysterious bug fixes!

Hope you are having fun! More updates coming on the way, stay tuned! Thanks!



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