Part 2 of the Dinosaur Event has Started

by PrincessPhoenix ~ August 28th, 2015.

The second fossil release week has officially started!

The fossil Pokemon of the week is.. Amaura!
You can obtain Amaura the same way you obtained Tyrunt.

The next chapter of the storyline is also released- to start it go to the lab and look for Professor Wollemi (if you were already in the lab around the time of this chapter’s release, there may be some delay before the NPCs update on your end).

Also updated:
The 5th Sage hiding in the Darlinghurst Gym for the 5 brother’s quest has been moved to the Darlinghurst Eatery so that you may complete the Eevee quest if you already obtained the 4th badge.

The indoor bicyclist for the wanted poster in the Eastbourne Gatehouse has been moved to one of the houses in Newpine Town to help those who already obtained the 4th badge but didn’t complete that quest.

That’s all for now. Have fun!



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