No Treats, Just Tricks!

by PrincessPhoenix ~ October 30th, 2018.

Well.. maybe a treat or two as well. It is that time of year where the seasons are changing and people are itching to loot things and go on dangerous adventures! And what is better than gathering around and listening to ghost stories of Halloween before heading out on a journey of your own?

If you’re in the mood for some light entertainment and maybe a Rebirth Crystal or two, there is a person standing in the middle of Route 6 that is looking for your attention! Why is this person looking for you? Go and see for yourself, heh heh. If you are reading this at the start of the event, please allow approximately 20 minutes for the NPC to show up on your end.

This Halloween event will last for approximately 2 weeks, ending at the end of November 14, 2018 (server time). Have fun!

Edit: The following avatars will also be available to set during the event:
-Pikaplush of CharizardX
-Pikaplush of Magikarp
-Pikaplush of Mega Audino
-Pikaplush of Rayquaza



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