Minor updates and an event (again!)

by sharks12 ~ April 23rd, 2015.

Hello all. We have had several changes that are to be mentioned.  These are mostly minor updates to the game. Some of these have been requested by our users on forums. So here we go.

  • You can receive one token for free, if you make a forum post. After that, you have to claim it from Profile page (only once)
  • When your name is mentioned in chat, it will be highlighted in purple colorHighlighting when your name is mentioned
  • PC in Pokemon Centers will take you to your Pokemon page.

There’s also an event. A limited edition Pokemon has been released on maps. This will be done in batches. Good luck…


…and there’s a catch. It might be in different location for different users. You might wanna buy lots of PokeBalls, etc.

Happy hunting!



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