It’s Event Time!

by PrincessPhoenix ~ May 2nd, 2015.

Hi everyone! It’s now time for another fun little event. The Pokemon prize this time around is.. Sylveon! Here’s how to get it:

There is a samurai idling on a bridge in Newpine Town. If you speak to it, it will transport you to the site of the event: the old, familiar Magikarp Island! (Don’t worry, all the kicking hikers have been banished).

Once on the island and wandering around in the grass, you will noticeably encounter two Pokemon that weren’t there before: Metapod and Kakuna. They will be in every patch of grass on the island so it doesn’t matter which spot you prefer to roam in. The goal here is to defeat them! Not to acquire a Pokemon defeated high score, but rather to collect an item they will frequently drop, called an Event Orb.
These Event Orbs are desired by the Event Keeper, who lives in the northernmost house on the island. She will give you a Sylveon -up to 4 of them in total- if you collect and exchange the amount of Event Orbs she asks for. With each Sylveon you obtain however, the amount of Orbs she requires for the exchange will increase so you may spend a little time or a lot of time on this event, depending on how many Sylveon you actually want. To find out how many orbs you need each time, simply speak to the lady.
This NPC will give each person up to 4 Sylveon each, so there is no competition to get them before someone else does!

This event itself will last for 7 days, ending on May 8 (that is in USA time). During the duration of the event you are free to come and go from the island and collect the event items at your own leisure. Have fun!



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