Introducing Pokemon Legends Community Poll

by PrincessPhoenix ~ December 3rd, 2020.

(Thank you to Mimikyuu for writing the following announcement and creating the poll!)



We’re disappointed to announce that we’ve decided to call off this community poll hence closing it immediately. After monitoring the poll since day 1,we’ve found majority of the playerbase going overboard to abuse the poll by voting through multiple alts hence leaving us with no other choice except taking this decision.

All the players who were part of abusing the poll with alts will be handed out chat bans in game in next 48 hours. The duration of chat ban will depend upon on the number of alt they created to abuse poll. Take this time off to introspect your actions and decision to attempt manipulation of poll in your favor & how it has affected the whole community experience of event. No appeal will be entertain for the these ban to be lifted & don’t attempt to ban evade, it will just make things worse for you.

To those who followed the rules of poll – we really appreciate your support, we’ll see what we can do in current situation but for now we just look forward to have you join us in event.

Do not pester any staff here or in game in regards to poll, if there will be any new update to share on this poll we’ll let you guys know. The current decision stands final.

– The Pokemon Legends Team


We’re incredibly excited to announce Pokémon Legends Community Poll–a new approach dedicated to improve the experience of events for you, the Trainers in the Pokémon Legends Community.

What is Pokémon Legends Community Poll?
Pokémon Legends Community Poll is an opportunity for Trainers to vote and decide the featured pokemon for the major events. Since we’ve always received mixed feedback related to pokemons featured in events,we are letting you guys to decide which pokemon you would like to see in event. This is just an attempt to try and address the complains we’ve had related to featured pokemon of the events & make you trainers feel more involved and being a part of decision for events. Staff will continue to observe how well this new approach is received by you guys before deciding whether we should continue this new approach for future events. The polls will be live for 2 weeks ensuring everyone gets a chance to take part in poll and the pokemon with the highest vote will be featured in this year winter event !

Visit to the link below to cast your vote in our first Pokemon Legends Community Poll –
P.S – Using alts to manipulates votes in poll will ensure no more community poll in future with cancellation of current poll.

Thank you for your continued support with patience, and we look forward to providing you an exciting winter event.

– The Pokemon Legends Team



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