by sharks12 ~ January 10th, 2017.

Hello all. These are the updates that have been added to the game.


  • Bug causing Pokemon’s level to cross over 100 using Rare Candy has been fixed.
  • Major status won’t be stacking up anymore.
  • Follower for Premium members have been fixed (in case you had issues)
  • Fixed: Cherrim’s ability turns it into the wrong Pokemon when Sunny Day is used.
  • Fixed: Drizzle, Sand Stream, Drought and Snow Warning Ability Discrepancy
  • Fixed: Fix Delcatty’s icon on the My Pokedex page
  • Fixed: Sleep and Freeze are not properly curing themselves
  • Sturdy Ability Bug uses Generation 3 logic.
  • Fixed: Storm Drain ability bug
  • Fixed: Sandstorm, Hail, Leech Seed are activating too early and don’t stack as they are supposed to
  • Fixed: Natural Cure Ability does not heal the Pokemon when swapped out
  • Fixed: Guts ability bug
  • Fixed: Solar Beam during Sunny weather move bug
  • Fixed: Quick Feet ability bug
  • Fixed: Sucker Punch attack bug
  • Fixed: Birthday emails
  • Fixed: Lightning Rod ability bug
  • Fixed: Download ability is over-activating in battle
  • Added: Option to select multiple quantities in shop.




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