Event update + recent changelogs for this week

by PrincessPhoenix ~ September 9th, 2015.

The last chapter of the storyline for the dinosaur event is now released! To start it, look for and talk to a Bastiodon that is in the Bone Rock Cave. If you were already in the cave when the update took place, it may take a few hours for the NPC(s) to update on your end.

It is recommended to only initiate the last chapter when you have finished collecting all the fossils and event Pokemon you wanted because once the series of events are initiated you will not be able to mine more fossils. And upon completion of the storyline you will be unable to return to the island.

The event still ends this Friday (USA time).


Other changelogs (thanks Kyro, Sharks and Jazzy):
-The minimum amount of players for tournaments have been reduced from 5 players to 4
-Some general code edits have been made to reduce the frequency of the “loading update” bug



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