Current status of event plans

by PrincessPhoenix ~ December 21st, 2016.

Hello everyone. Normally around this time we’d launch a winter event, but the extensive downtime and data rollback earlier this month threw a wrench in the planning process because the event data that I was adding to the game from November was completely lost. I’m going to be re-adding it, but the narrow range of time remaining until Christmas and because I’m going to be away around both Christmas and New Years day, the event may not be ready to release until some time in January.

In the meantime, I’m curious if you all would like to have a re-launch of the Halloween event, because the event playthrough was lost from the rollback but the data of the event itself still exists in game. (The Summer Event however, can’t be restored due to the nature of recycling event NPCs.) There is a poll that will run on the forum for 2 days where you can vote on this:

Note that a re-launch of the Halloween event will not affect winter-event progress. This is more of a ‘will you be interested in doing a creepy/spooky event on Christmas’ sort of poll.



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