Changes to Tournament Rules (Discussion)

by PrincessPhoenix ~ July 15th, 2020.

Are there any tournament rules you would like to see changed, removed or implemented? There is currently a channel (#tournament-rules-discussion) on the game’s discord that is open to player input regarding tournament rules. Feel free to drop by and leave suggestions! To find the discord server go to Community > Discord from the game’s main menu.

This discussion will remain open until Monday, 27th of July.

Please note that the following rules apply when leaving rule suggestions:

  1. All #server-rules and PL rules apply.
  2. Be respectful of other’s opinion. If you disagree with them, then do so politely. Anyone causing drama or provoking others into arguments will be muted, removed from this conversation or banned.
  3. Do not abuse the permissions that have been allowed in #tournament-rules-discussion for the sake of the discussion.
  4. Do not use #tournament-rules-discussion for purposes other than discussing tournament rules. This includes trolling, telling the staff to fix broken moves and abilities, reporting / appealing in this channel and so on. Failure to follow this will result in removal from this discussion, a mute or a ban.
  5. Do not use this opportunity to harass staff. I say this with the increasing amount of messages of players demanding that we fix things. We (non-developer staff) can’t, it’s as simple as that.
  6. All troll suggestions will be deleted, and the offender will be muted, then removed if this continues after multiple warnings.

The staff team is not obligated to fully carry out all the suggestions that may come out of this.

A huge thank you to GrannyMaths for taking the time to oversee the channel and writing up the rules!



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