by sharks12 ~ October 25th, 2015.

Hello everyone. The last few days, we have been working on some cool stuff that will enhance things to assist you and makes things easier.

  • We have introduced tabs on the chat namely “Player Chat” and “Trade Chat”. You can notice it on Explore page and switch it between those two! Chat
  • Also, you can easily link to your Pokemon in chat. All you have to do is just post a link to the chat (like this Fiery Type Legendary Pokemon) or you can go to your Pokemon page and copy the code from here.Copy Code

And this is how it shows on the chat.

Chat Link

  • Changes to Tournaments – Should help with eliminating AFK players automatically.
  • For some basic questions, the System will automatically reply to help you.
  • Confusion status has been fixed.
  • Regenerator ability has been fixed.
  • If it’s your birthday, do check your email! (Goodies for you! ;))
  • Enhanced Mobile and Tablet support.

That’s all from us.






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