An update to the Winter Event

by PrincessPhoenix ~ December 24th, 2015.

Edit December 25: And now for a special update from Furfighter!
“Merry Christmas to all! I hope all of you are having a wonderful holidays, or even a good day for those who aren’t celebrating. For this holiday season I am not, for once, going to make a long and evil quest for you guys to complete. I am simply going to give away a present. The NPC will be located on Route 2 for all to talk to. Happy holidays!”
Furfighter xmas

Hi everyone, that last house that was locked until Christmas Eve is now open! You can access it once you have completed the event storyline (if you obtained the Ice Stone then you completed it). If you were on the Nievebell Town map when this update was released you may not see the update right away.

In this house is our first Move Tutor NPC (courtesy of Sharks12), which will teach your eligible Pokemon Ice Punch or Icy Wind for free. The Pokemon that can learn Ice Punch and Icy wind are the same as the ones that can learn those skills via Move Tutor in the official games.

There are also a couple more NPCs with small goodies for you, so be sure to talk to them too before you leave. Last but not least, the wild winter event Pokemon are now in the token shop.

The event still ends on its original ending date of December 30, 2015 (USA time). Have fun!



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