A whole lot of changes!

by sharks12 ~ March 28th, 2015.

Hello everyone. Since we last made a post here, we have gone through a lot of changes – mostly on how breeding works.

  • Previously on breeding, you can breed any two Pokemon provided they follow the rules. From now on, you cannot breed Pokemon if they are not originally owned by you.
  • Token shop has had changes. Pokemon that are available on maps will only show up on Token shop to be purchased. This will restore balance between Premium and Normal users. We might have more benefits to Premium users that do not affect or tilt balance, so stay tuned!
  • Shiny Pokemon have a 15% bonus on their Health Points!
  • Fixes to the battle system, shouldn’t be crashing as much as it did.
  • Private Message in chat has a brand new color, woohoo!
  • Added more skills – Dragon Rage, Earthquake, Aqua Ring, etc.
  • Premium only Avatars on Profile page.

We’re working really hard to make sure the next area is the best one we’ve had so far, so it’s taking time more than usual. But hang on! Thank you!



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