A few updates and an event!

by sharks12 ~ April 13th, 2015.

Hello everyone. As many of you may already know from our chatroom, it’s time for some updates and an event, which ofcourse, no one wants to believe about when I tell them. So much trust in me. 😛

EDIT: Event is over guys, thanks for participating!

First, let’s list out the updates.

  • Forum integration for users who use Facebook Login. You can now create a forum account from Profile page! 

  • Changes to chat system to make it stable, so expect it to be online!
  • Limited Edition Pokemon – We have made it possible to have limited edition Pokemon. This means, a Pokemon might be available for only certain amount on a map. This does not affect any of the existing map Pokemon. Example: A charmander might be released on map and you may only be able to encounter it 100 times concurrently. Then, it disappears. Whoosh!


So what does this mean to us, users? Well here you go, this is the first event with Limited Edition Pokemon.

Somewhere in this region, lies a magical spot that you may walk on, which shall warp you to this magical island where you may encounter a limited edition Pokemon.

And this is what the magical island looks like!

Magical Island


Happy hunting! 😉



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