A “critical” hit

by sharks12 ~ November 17th, 2015.

Hello everyone. It’s Tuesday night and I’m truly getting bored writing these introductions to posts. So let’s just get to it!

  • In Battles, it is now possible for an attack to be a “Critical Hit“. This means that your Pokemon can now cause more damage (from 1.5 times to 2.25 times the usual damage). It’s a random chance of 1/16 to be a critical hit, although some moves have a higher chance and a couple of moves will most likely result in a Critical Hit always!
  • Karate Chop, Razor Wind, Razor Leaf, Sky Attack, Crabhammer, Slash, Aerobats, Cross Chop, Blaze Kick, Air Cutter, Poison Tail, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Shadow Claw, Psycho Cut, Cross Poison, Stone Edge, Attack Order, Spacial Rend and Drill Run are 2x likely to be a Critical Hit
  • Storm Throw and Frost Breath will be a Critical Hit unless the opposition Pokemon has the ability Battle Armor or Shell Armor.
  • If the Pokemon causing Critical Hit has Sniper ability, it will cause 2.25 times the damage!
  • Pokemon with Ability Super Luck are 2x likely to cause a Critical Hit.
  • Position Reset is now on Explore page under the map.

That’s all.

Cheers everyone!



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