New Monthly Mini Events

by PrincessPhoenix ~ July 23rd, 2019

A letter arrived in the staff team’s mailbox today, addressed to you all:

Greetings Pokemon Trainers of Orden,

You are hereby invited to enter the Chamber of the Zodiacs, accessed from the West Eastbourne Farmlands. I wish to ask a favour of each of you. Talk to the guard at the door to gain entry.


~ Leo the Mighty

It seems to me like something exciting awaits you in this mysterious chamber. So, what are you waiting for?!

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The Chat Server is Back

by PrincessPhoenix ~ February 26th, 2019

The chat server is back up and running normally!

Due to the daycare functions needed to complete certain parts of the currently running Valentines event, the event has been extended to run until the end of February 28 (server time) to make up for the chat server downtime.

The Chat Server is Currently Down

by PrincessPhoenix ~ February 26th, 2019

The chat server has been experiencing problems for the past 7 hours, and all new connections to the chat server will be marked as “offline”. The developers were notified early in the downtime and they will be investigating.

During a chat server downtime the following activities will not function properly/at all in game:
-Seeing other players online on the map
-Daycare leveling up
-Creation and hatching of eggs from the daycare (if you already had an egg waiting in the daycare you would be able to retrieve it, but no further eggs would be generated until the chat server reconnects)

You can still do all activities that are on the game server, such as catch and raise Pokemon, hunt shinies, use the trades and auctions page, level up Pokemon, battle NPCs, do events and quests etc.

We will update whenever there is more information available (most likely on the forums first, depending on time of day)!

The Gift of Luvdisc!

by PrincessPhoenix ~ February 13th, 2019

Valentines day is not one celebrated or liked by many, but we here at PL would like to take the opportunity to do something with the color pink, so for a limited time, you can claim a free Luvdisc!*


Yep, that’s all. This promotion will last for 2 weeks, ending on February 27, 2019. Have fun!

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It’s the Winter Solstice Today!

by PrincessPhoenix ~ December 21st, 2018

Winter is upon us, and it’s time for joy and celebration!

… or is it? A cloaked figure in Eastbourne City Gym seems to be very troubled. Perhaps you should go help him? After all, this is a time for kindness and generosity!

You’ll need to have obtained the badge from Eastbourne Gym first, and this cloaked figure will only be around until the end of Sunday 6th January 2019.

In addition, the following skins are available for the duration of the event:
– Man/Woman/Boy/Girl in Winter clothes
– Abomasnow
– Avalugg

If you are near the beginning of the event release, please allow approximately 20 minutes for the NPCs to update on your end.

Yay, Snow! (This is not an event announcement)

by PrincessPhoenix ~ December 20th, 2018

Some of the maps of Orden have been finally covered in a dusting of snow and select winter decorations! To view them properly it is recommended for you to clear your cache, or else the maps may still appear green or have layer display issues.

No Treats, Just Tricks!

by PrincessPhoenix ~ October 30th, 2018

Well.. maybe a treat or two as well. It is that time of year where the seasons are changing and people are itching to loot things and go on dangerous adventures! And what is better than gathering around and listening to ghost stories of Halloween before heading out on a journey of your own?

If you’re in the mood for some light entertainment and maybe a Rebirth Crystal or two, there is a person standing in the middle of Route 6 that is looking for your attention! Why is this person looking for you? Go and see for yourself, heh heh. If you are reading this at the start of the event, please allow approximately 20 minutes for the NPC to show up on your end.

This Halloween event will last for approximately 2 weeks, ending at the end of November 14, 2018 (server time). Have fun!

Edit: The following avatars will also be available to set during the event:
-Pikaplush of CharizardX
-Pikaplush of Magikarp
-Pikaplush of Mega Audino
-Pikaplush of Rayquaza

Additions to the Token Store

by PrincessPhoenix ~ October 22nd, 2018

Now that some time has passed for many to explore the new maps, the wild Pokemon on them can finally be obtained from the token store as well.

To obtain a Pokemon with tokens go to Pokemon > Pokedex then select the box stating “show purchasable Pokemon” before clicking on the search button to see all of the currently available ones.

Info about the Server Downtime

by PrincessPhoenix ~ October 13th, 2018

The game was down for approximately 8 hours because one or more of the automated server processes bugged out and eventually resulted in the servers going offline. In addition the developers were asleep for most of those hours (time zones) and so they were unaware of the situation until they woke up. Chat server should be back up soon!

There were no updates or maintenance done during the downtime.

The Princess and the Karp

by PrincessPhoenix ~ October 9th, 2018

It’s that time of year again- the birthday of a particular staff member who adores Magikarp! If you’re not familiar with the staff of the game, don’t worry she doesn’t talk much anyway. But, there is an NPC with her likeness that is searching for that perfect gift Pokemon.

If you’re in a generous mood and want to help out, that NPC will be floating around Route 4 for approximately 48 hours, disappearing at the end of October 11, server time. (To check for server time you can use /time in the Global Chat).

If you were on Route 4 at any point before this blog post, please allow approximately 20 minutes for the NPCs to update on the map.